Cocktail Nation 372 Classic Comedy Woody Allen

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on August 30th, 2015

Some classic comedy is back on the menu for this week and some early sixties comedy from Woody Allen, news on the passing of an actress from one of the funniest shows of the sixties and we talk about the dress code.

Nutty -Impossible Past

Martini Kings Zou Biscou Biscou

Tiki Lounge Crew -Into The Cookie Jar

Tikiyaki Orchestra- Malaga Cove

James Spencer -In A Blue Mood

Stan Getz-Moonlight In Vermont

Daniel Pemberton -Mission Rome

Clifford Brown -You'd Be So Nice To Come Home

Alika Lyman Group- Kaimana Hila

Ruth Cameron -Something Cool

Michelle Lordi-True Love

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Cocktail Nation 371 Miss Dinah Shore

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on August 23rd, 2015
I've got a great book from a really interesting former Hollywood resident all about one Dinah Shore. News on how to get some very cool mid mod furniture cheaply and easily and how would you like to own something that was owned by Oscar Peterson, well it's possible to own a little bit of jazz history!

Daniel Pemberton-His Name Is Napolean Solo
Tikiyaki Orchestra Eden Awaits
Dinah Shore- It Had To Be You
Dawn Muhummed Just Friends
Dave Bruebeck -Heart and Soul
Gene Rains-Caravan
Orchestra Superstring Linonine
James Morrison -The Masterplan
Frank Sinatra- It Was A Very Good Year
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica- Take The A Train
Les Baxter-Mood Tattooed
Jackie Gleason -Golden Violins
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Cocktail Nation 370 Lurch

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on August 16th, 2015

this week we look at the life of the man who played Lurch in the TV show the Adams Family. Some good news on the release of my first fiction book and some bond news for you.

Spy FI-Then Play Down 2
Monty Norman -Doctor No's Fantasy
Vic Mizzy and His Orchestra- The Addams Family Theme
James Spencer-Romancin Jackie Gleason
Jackie Gleason-Beyond The Blue Horizon
Tikiyaki Orchestra- Zero Gravity
Henry Mancini-Shot In The Dark
Gene Rains-Strange Cargo
Kenny Saskai-Undercover Man
Aaron Diel -Moonlight In Vermont
Janice Borla Group- Midnight Voyage
Briamonte Orchestra -Rota Sul
Frank Sinatra -Body And Soul
Tony Bennett-With Plenty Of Money And You

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Cocktail Nation 369 -Tikiyaki Orchestra Idol Worship

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on August 9th, 2015

Cocktail Nation 369 Tikiyaki Orchestra-Idol Worship

Some great news with the Tikiyaki Orchestra new album just released we will catch up with Jim Bacchi. News on a very cool Mid Century refit of an office block to give it a Mad Men feel and Revealed after 60 years... the real Green Lady whose face is on a million living room walls

Rachel Caswell -Agua De Beber
Antonio Adolfo -Sambo Jazz
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Idol Worship
Arthur Lyman Voodoo Dreams
Ixtahule- Dengue Fever
Jackie Gleason -September Song
James Spencer- Blues Round Midnight
Cherry Capri- Creamy Cocktails
Jack Jones -Michelle
Laurie Allyn-You Go To My Head
Lucas Vigor -The Straight Dope
Barbara Levy Daniels- I Got Lost In His Arms
Chet Baker-I've Never Been In Love Before

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Cocktail Nation 368 Euro Spy Special–Silencers

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on August 2nd, 2015

The Spies are back this weekend as Kramer stops by to talk Euro Spys and this week we talk about the Dean Martin Matt Helm Series with a special focus on The Silencers. We talk about a famous LA Icon that has been ruined, I've got a cool book to check out from the Penthouse Library and a cool way to make the Cocktail Nation and Lounge music world famous!

SG Sound- A Latin Affair
Pink Martini -But Now I'm Back
Vicki Carr-Silencers
Bobby Darin -I Think I Like You
James Spencer Cover The Waterfront
Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica -Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Lounge Lizards- The Hanging
Laura Ainsworth -That's The Kind Of Guy I Dream Of
Karen Souza -Tainted Love
James Morrison-Girl Talk
Stan Getz Misty
Ellen La Fern- I'll Take Romance
Arthur Lyman Midnight Sun

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