Cocktail Nation 358 Robert Drasnin RIP

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on May 24th, 2015

A change of plans for this weeks show. Originally we intended to bring you a comedy special but late last week news came through of the passing of Robert Drasnin the movie and tv music composer and ofcourse the man behind Voodoo and Voodoo 2 exotica albums.
His good friend and friend of Tiki author Jeff Chenault will stop by to talk about his friend.
Also on the show we talk about the difficulties in living a vintage life today and some suggestions as to how to get or maintain that authenticity

Barry Adamson -The Big Bamboozle
Satin Chaps -Hard Drivin
Robert Drasnin Kahula Mist
Jackie Gleason-My Devotion
Jimmy Psycho -Moondance
Perry Beekman I wish I was in Love again
Mancini-A Shot In The Dark
Beegie Adair-Witchcraft
Gene Rains- Mapuana
Ken Greves I wished on the Moon
Rodger Davidson Trio Celia
Stolen Idols Sao Paulo 64
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Cocktail Nation 357 Retro Essence

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on May 17th, 2015

Cocktail Nation 357 RetroEssence

It's so great to hear of people in the retro and vintage scenes really making massive strides to promote and encourage so tonight we talk to a lady who has put together a very cool website that not only talks about vintage but seeks to help people promote and expand. Also on the show our world of swank gig guide plus some cool mixology apps

Ellen La Ferne-Days Of Wine and Roses
Tiki Lounge Crew -Martini Sunset
Bert Kaemphert- Mambo Mania
Beegie Adair- Let's Fall In Love
Jackie Gleason -Moment To Moment
Chet Baker- Moon Love
James Morrison The Shadow Of Your SmilE
Perry Beekman -Liza
Matt Catingub feat Jimmy Borges-When I Fall In Love
Oscar Peterson -Easy Does It
The Desmond Quartet Take Five
Cocktail Inn-Brief and Breezy
Arthur Lyman-Sweet and Lovely

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Cocktail Nation 356 Tiki Oasis

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on May 10th, 2015

Covering another big event for 2015 and this week we look at Tiki Oasis with legend of the tiki Scene Otto von Stroheim, we will talk classic cars and what happens when they go wrong plus some news of a Tiki Artist who has been ripped off in a strange way.

Narco Lounge Combo -Aztec West
Barbara Levy Daniels Oh You Crazy Moon
Aaron Diehl - Genreationary
Gene Rains-Song Of Delilah
George Shearing-Caravan
James Spencer -Shaddowed Illusions
James Morrison My Beautiful
Perry Beekman -How Long Has This Been Going On
Alika Lyman Group -Kaui Rose
Jackie Gleason -Laura
David Carbonara Du Jour Mantovani
Billy May -Perfidia
Enoch Light -Out Of Nowhere.

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Cocktail Nation 355 Codename Carter The Album

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on May 3rd, 2015
Cocktail Nation 355 Codename Carter The Album

I love it when I have some new music come my way and some exciting news that Spy jazz band Codename Carter have just released their first album so we will talk to Michael Behrenhausen from the band about this new release.
And this weeks news I will bring you is all based on the term location location location....but add in a spot of fame and the motivated buyers will come flocking.

Tiki Delights -Swankology
Barbara Levy Daniels Come Dance With Me
Codename Carter -Perfect Clarity Perfect Cut
Enoch Light -Miami Beach Rhumba
Jackie Gleason- Mickey
Laura Fygi Perfidia
Roger Davidson Trio- Ocean Breeze
Perry Beekman -Oh Lady Be Good
James Spencer -Lady Of The Evening
Howard Roberts -Girl Talk
Jack Jezzro- Night And Day
Aurey Morris April Fool
Michelle Lordi- You're My Thrill

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Cocktail Nation 354 Tiki Caliente

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on April 26th, 2015

Some big events coming up in 2015 and here at the Cocktail Nation we love to cover them for you and one of those is Tiki Caliente so this week the man behind it all Rory Snyder swings by to talk about this marvellous event in Palm Springs.
We have an interesting story on the lessons learnt from Bond and it's rare when big developers take a hit in the courts but sometimes they do, I'll let you know about a developer who might think twice before he knocks down his next building

David Carbonara -Aqua De Beber
Beige Adair-I Could Write A Book
Stolen Idols -Sumatra Mist
Antonio Carlos Jobim -Favella
Stacy Kent-How Insensitive
Combustible Edison-Lonelyville
Julie Lyon Quintet -Born To Be Blue
Nat King Cole-Don't Get Around Much Any More
Bert Kaemphert-Red Roses For a Blue Lady
Pink Martini Tempo Perdido
Nutty -Rumba- With The Devil
Clouseaux -Copper Locked Nypmh
Tiki Lounge Crew-Smoke and Lager

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